Have you ever noticed a child’s hesitation to trying new foods? Even if they are not picky eaters, many children need repeated exposures to foods in order to accept them and want to try them.

Our school lunch menu features vegetables from five subgroups, including red/orange vegetables, leafy greens, and legumes. Each subgroup offers different vitamins and minerals that contribute to a healthy diet.

In our quest to provide a colorful variety of vegetables, we sometimes offer vegetable dishes that children have never tried before. Children get more excited to try items on the school lunch menu if they have previously encountered them at home. Here are some recipes to try at home!



Many children are unfamiliar with hummus, a simple dip made from chickpeas. This recipe can be thrown together in five minutes with the help of a food processor. Hummus counts toward the legume subgroup and will be on the menu again on February 20, with baby carrots for dipping!


Glazed Carrots

Representing the red/orange vegetable subgroup, glazed carrots are a side dish with a bit of sweetness. Offer these instead of dessert one night. They’ll be on the menu again on February 24!



Succotash is a tasty mixture of corn and lima beans that can easily be whipped up in the winter months using frozen vegetables. It represents our starchy vegetable subgroup and will next be featured on the menu on February 28!


Creamed Spinach

As part of our leafy dark green vegetable subgroup, creamed spinach is a delicious alternative to a classic salad. This quick recipe should take just about 20 minutes, and you can save time by using bagged, pre-washed spinach. Our creamed spinach will be on the menu again on March 20!


Photo credit & another simple succotash recipe at Budget Bytes.