Last week we kicked off National Nutrition Month with National School Breakfast Week (March 4th-8th)! This year’s theme was “Start Your Engines with School Breakfast!” Students celebrated by sharing their favorite ways to fuel up with a nourishing NDS breakfast! Pictured above are students from Bishop McDevitt High School enjoying their daily balanced breakfast, which helps them start the day strong and actively learn throughout the day. Senior, Kayla Tillery, shared that when she “doesn’t consume breakfast, she is too distracted to learn.”

Blessed Trinity Catholic School also took part in the celebration. School Breakfast and Lunch Manager, Kim Gatto, shared that she “loves serving breakfast to all their students. It gets them off to a fresh start and nutritious day!” Also pictured above are students from Blessed Trinity Catholic School during celebrating National School Breakfast Week.

NDS’s school breakfast offers a variety of fruits, whole grains, and low fat milk in 97 schools throughout the region. All breakfasts include a quarter of the daily calories and key growth nutrients recommended for students. One of the favorites among the students during this week was our new Whole Grain Cinnamon Chex cereal with low-fat milk, sliced apples and 100% Fruit Punch juice.