Whether your school participates in Terra Nova or PSSA testing, eating a healthy breakfast is essential to getting students prepared and focused for standardized testing.  Nutritional Development Services supports the success of our community by offering free breakfast to all students at our partner schools during standardized testing.

Breakfast is free during standardized testing regardless of students’ eligibility for free or reduced-price school lunches. Ask your school lunch manager if breakfast will be offered during testing at your school.

Our daily breakfast menu includes a grain (a cereal, a muffin, or a bagel), fruit (a piece of fresh fruit, 100% fruit juice, or applesauce), and a choice of milk. Featuring whole grains and lower fat varieties of milk, each day’s breakfast provides students with ¼ of their daily calories and key growth nutrients.

This is also a good time of year to consider adopting a breakfast program at your school if it is not already in place. Breakfast service can be customized to work with your school’s unique set-up and schedule. Contact your school administration if you’d like to make healthy breakfast an everyday part of your school day.


Photo credit and more standardized testing tips: NJ Family.